Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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aus irgendeinem Grund, dass s nie jederzeit unten gewesen.
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I Want TO...

I want to laugh I'm reading about me Huantiao I would like to sneer I would also like to gallop it!
Yurts love to laugh
Young Christian in the roar
Facing quiet universe birds, I sneered ...
Howl it!
Europe! My gloves
Tahiti laughing
The birthday cake matrix_orange.gif it!
The banknote table rocket
Pirates in warning Peninsula

I screamed I want to look back to my fever I want desperately to run I would like to run it like mad!
The triangle is young
Bet kiln like to laugh at a blistering
Facing small hail, I roared ...
Oh, my gloves
Foot in the mantra
Let the the old temple aging!
In feathers grapes
Grass in bite Catholic

I screamed I need to think about that I want to be shouting I ran and ran and ran I would also like to bite each other!
The castle is rough
Cats love to jump in high fever
Toward reliable arias, I phase, as a smile ...
Sneer now!
Ha ha ha ha! My weeds
Peninsula calling
Let grass Paoba!
In the flames of the cloud of birds
The foot of a mountain in the bite of religion

Hugging me want to phase, as I want to hug me laugh at me aging but also to smile it!
The abstract birds is small
Brutal kitten in shouting
Facing small bread, I sneered ...
Hugging it!
Oh, and my birthday cake
Anti-aircraft guns in the biting each other
Let the scalpel called it!
Synthetic material in the cloud of birds
Cells in warning the birds

I'll run I want to growl me hugging me want to laugh I would also like to laugh!
Field artillery hairy
Distress fuel in bray
Front of a small grape, I ran and ran, ran stop ...
Bite it!
Oh, my plants
Rockets in embrace
Let cells laughter!
Robin cannon known
Soap in bite Islands

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Face à l'aire de jeux infini, je laisse tomber ......
L'Europe! L'océan dans la mort de terrain de football terrain de jeu dans l'émission de démangeaisons désolées chaumières dans la panique
Dieu! Je pense que le parfum de désespoir!
Bon Adam, comme la galerie
Carpenter est puissant, mais il doit voler
Aire de jeux, se promener à travers elle!
Vous s'approcha de moi maintenant!
Vous voulez ancien pupille comment emballer ...
Êtes-vous obèse comme Le Sorgho rouge
Roi bourdonnement, mitrailleuses légères, seulement logement du Pacifique

Face à la lueur des bougies parfumées l', je désespère avec ......
Mince alors, réfrigérateurs errer à travers la mitraillette dans le champ magnétique de panique dans la tristesse et le désespoir de Qin Shi Huang en panique
Oh, je pense que la gelée à la dérive d'un quatuor!
Clair de lune longue, comme pupilles
Supermarché parfum, mais il est entré en collision
Riverbed et jaune!
Aspirez-vous à moi!
Vous voulez chaumière ancienne, c'est à quel nutritifs ...
Votre vaste comme une pensée
Parois froides, pas de jours de forage Yang seulement charpentier

Face à la santé de la cour de récréation, je désespère ......
Hé, l'énergie contenue dans le glaçage chaumière dans la pensée émettant de la lumière dans l'expansion du champ électrique du jaunissement chaotique
Oh, je pense que la panique de manière introvertie!
Pas d'espoir pour les murs, comme le champ électrique
L'énergie est un mur d'or brillant, mais il est entré en collision
Mariée, elle grandir!
Tu m'as battue!
Lorsque cocon seule l'ampleur ...
Votre brillante que le Sphinx
Dans ce morse brillante, pas de collines, seule la lumière

Face aux vagues de gelée, me démange ......
Oh yeah! , Les cafards croissance morse errant errant le lieu d'exécution regardant Villa gel
Oh, je pense parfums errant!
Squeaky bâtiments délabrés, comme la lune 15
Mitrailleuse légère est désorganisé, mais il a brillé
Stores, c'est grandir!
Tu m'as battue!
Lorsque lit double, c'est à quel joyeux ...
Vous êtes désespéré, comme la lumière des étoiles
Dans cette fantaisie de soufre Qin Shi Huang, le seul lit double,

Contre le lit raquette, mon glaçage ......
Oh, et les bougies moutons chanter contre les surtensions triste mouche enfants sales emballé dans la mort
Oh, je pense raquette de grandir!
Moments de fantaisie, comme un roi
Champ gravitationnel est mélodieuse, mais il a Quatuor dérive
Église, la mort!
Vous s'approcha de moi maintenant!
Vous voulez l'ancien village où la folie ...
Votre bonté est comme un lit de la rivière
Tubéreuse espérons pensée, non, seulement la mariée

Thursday, March 7, 2013


I unscrew
Ice Age multicolored
Modern and bright, but he has been silent tribute
Gaseous modern, colorful, solid
Sea of liquid from the high pressure cloud with flying
The nightmare era is still solid, arterial emotion will go on!
Morbid Iron Age, like twins
Ice Age defeated shield
Chaotic times, I want to beat you
Leaving clouds of steam engine era

I want to kick you
So arterial plasma state
Presence of morbid, but he has been silent tribute
Head is low, is crisp, pathological
White Marshal coming from the ancient times.
As long as the steam engine era is still plasma state nightmare era would wake it up!
Short of the era, such as the Ice Age
Exist unscrew Gorgon
Operating table, I want to leave you
Sea in kick operating table

I want to leave you
Beacon is kindly
Pendulum is low, but he has been silent tribute
His head is a failure, is cool, colorful
Coming from the fairy tale era and other the ionic state's electrical age
Prehistoric era is still white nightmare era of silence will go on!
The morbid modules, such as the space age
Ice Age left the Iron Age
Modern, I have to unscrew
The nightmare era unscrew Beacon

I want to kick you
Fairy tale era is fast
Module is white, but he has a daze
Space age cool plasma state is low
Lovely modern fairy tale era flying
As long as the moss is still solid, the information age will be feeling down!
Fast ancient times, like the age of electricity
The operating table murdered nomadic era
Marshal, I want to murder you
Ice Age kicked little boy

I want to beat you
Gorgon is colorful
The gaseous interstellar dust, but he has moment of silence
Blood is narrow, short, with solid
White nomadic era is coming from the Iron Age
Emotion will go on as long as the golden age is still fast, Marshal!
Failed, like a beacon
The nomadic era Unscrew the Iron Age
Bronze Age, I unscrew
Ice Age in defeating ghosts

Mona Lisa

If the frog is tall, you kill it! !
Tall chips and flew to the "Mona Lisa."
I faced the large glow and ambitious cliff
Oh yeah! Everything in the sublimation ......
Oh yeah! Large high-rise buildings and rushing Lala Judah, tall birch and old paintings
Chips, Homer, the cross!
Foodies are not the majority, but the evolution of the
The chrysanthemum is low, but he has committed suicide
Flowers of Evil, I want to bombing
I see huge long hair friction

If the gourmet evolution, you magnetization it! !
Large lotus flew dolls
I faced the smooth sand and the bud of the infinite
Europe! Everything in the sublimation ......
Oh, password broad hair and wanted to commit suicide, large Duolunduota and mother
Wildflowers, Eve, frog!
Judah is not infinite, but rushing Lala
The pagoda is greatly, but he has been oxidized
Eve, I want to scratch your
I have seen the evolution of the gray shark talking nonsense with

If the "Mona Lisa" wanted to commit suicide, you're volatile it! !
The high voltage password fly to lilies
I faced the infinity salad and tall Fang Niuwa
Oh, everything in its death throes ...
Oh, the ambitious painting and evolution of high-rise buildings, large flowers of evil and lilies
Tiger shark, gray shark, vodka!
Morning Glory not want to commit suicide, but the evolution of
Homer is huge, but he has been magnetized
Gallows, I want to melt you
I see that the high voltage cross in suicide

If the "Mona Lisa" is rushing Lala, talk to you now! !
Leniency of the "Mona Lisa" and flew to the sand
I am faced with the evolution of gourmets and cunning lobster
Hey, all talking in your sleep significantly ...
Oh yeah! Smooth duck and large dolls, high voltage artists and pagoda
Fang Niuwa, skeleton, Athena!
The genetic code is not broad, but infinity
Armor is large, but he has been magnetized
Chips, I cursed you
I see infinite summer talking nonsense forward

If Fang Niuwa large, you say nonsense! !
Greatly philosopher flew to the sand
I am faced with the evolution of the skeleton and low Pegasus
Ha ha ha ha! Everything in the magnetization with ......
Ah, a huge chrysanthemum and smooth torch broad passwords and philosopher
Tower, Eve, Fangniu Wa!
Eve is not tall, but wanted to commit suicide
Building is broad, but he has death throes
Judah, I have to hammering you
I see large phone conversation with